About Us

IPPACS a private cloud solution, with sets of tools and features to ensure business continuity with full transparency and less disruption, optimized to provide a unique experience for Physicians, Technologists, Patients and doctors to CONNECT, WORK, COLLABORATE & COMMUNICATE, in and outside the organization.

IPPACS RIS/PACS Hybrid-C an unprecedented feature set for communication, office staff communication, share & collaborate on documents as well as records, send and receive email, manage online appointment/scheduler with changes on fly, video chats/ Video calls/ Video audio push notification audio calls without data leaks.

All organizations around the world are being impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, forcing them to rethink how they manage their business operations.

To preserve business continuity during period of crisis, healthcare providers need a new way to function, a way that empowers their doctors to access and collaborate on information anywhere, anytime, from any device to serve their Physicians, Technologists, Patients and members.

IPPACS RIS/PACS can be integrated and synchronized with 100+ external applications and systems.