Fully Functional Patient & Physician Portal

The IPPACS system is a complete imaging

workflow solution that goes beyond a PACS.

True cloud solutions allow you to work whenever and

from anywhere you want. whenever and from anywhere you want.

Welcome to IPPACS

A fully featured RIS/PACS System

A private cloud solution from IPPACS, with sets of tools and features to ensure business continuity with full transparency and less disruption, optimized to provide a unique experience for Physicians, Technologists, Patients and doctors to CONNECT, WORK, COLLABORATE & COMMUNICATE, in and outside the organization.

IPPACS RIS/PACS Hybrid-C an unprecedented feature set for communication, office staff communication, share & collaborate on documents as well as records, send and receive email, manage online appointment/scheduler with changes on fly, video chats/ Video calls/ Video audio push notification audio calls without data leaks.

Today's challenges are tomorrow's opportunities

Patients expect more these days

Healthcare providers need to consistently and intelligently improve their infrastructure, Patient's demand a real-time data delivery with individualized and adopted experiences.

Improved and optimized regulations

Reducing regulatory operations costs and eliminate the risk of non-compliance.

Increasing security threats

Today’s threat requires highly sophisticated and innovated system to respond to events properly and more efficiently.

Operational necessities

Rising in patient expectations, regulatory changes and security threat call for institutions to optimize operations to remain competitive.

Because of its simplicity, the IPPBX is simple to use. From the exam to the repository, and reporting all under one solution


Our Advantages

Multichannel patient engagement

Personalize patient communications through patient-preferred channels and mobile devices.

Enforce brand consistency and regulatory compliance

Ensure consistent branding across channels, remain compliant with regulations, and preserve document fidelity. Utilize IPPACS ECM engine (Enterprise Content Manger) to manage content inclusion or exclusion process with automated compliance support.

Meaningful Multichannel Communication Utilize

Video calls (For patient verification), audio calls, IM, SMS or text messages to have a more productive and meaningful communication between Patients and Doctors, across patient-preferred channels and mobile devices.


Founder and Advisory Board Members


Matthew Moghaddam, MD,

MSCS, MITS, Founder, President and Director

●   Founder, President and CEO of BPSNA (Business phone Solution north America)
●   Founder, President and CEO of ippbx.com, creator of terminology of IPPBX back in 1998 as Internet Protocol PBX.
●   Founder , President and CEO of Sequelnet.com (Private Cloud Computing)
●   A Medical Doctor by Profession, who left Medical field as COO of Long Island Heart Associates (AKA Mount Sinai Doctors) in 2012 to make himself more available to his special need son.


Steven Shayani,MD

Director and Medical Advisor

●   Dr. Steven Shayani is the Medical Director of Mount Sinai Doctors LIHA and serves as The Mount Sinai Hospital Director of Outpatient Services for Long Island.
●   As the Chairman and President of New York Heart Research Foundation (NYHRF) since 2002 Dr. Shayani has been the principal investigator for a multitude of national and international clinical trials.


Jerry Raio


●   Founder, President and CEO of Arbor Lane Advisors, Inc.
●   His career on Wall Street spans over 30 years, mostly focused on the distribution of Equity Capital Markets product to Financial Advisors and retail investors.
●   Head of Retail Origination at Wells Fargo Securities (from July 2005 – October 2018)
●   Worked on the retail equity syndicate desk of both Morgan Stanley and Citigroup.

What's included?

◘ A communication platform for secure/encrypted Video Calls including Televisit

◘ A dedicated server in our certified Datacenter Click to know more!

◘ A File server with verified enterprise class security for file exchange & sharing

◘ Unlimited space for your studies

◘ IPPACs enterprise version with all features and capabilites

◘ Patient access portal (PC, IOS and Android)

◘ Patient appointment verification

◘ HIPAA certified instant messaging for patient and doctors with push notification on smart phones through application

◘ Built-in antivirus and ransomware protection/recovery

◘ Verified legal compliance and certificates

◘ Enterprise class monitoring and logging system

◘ Built in print server

◘ 24/7 Support (Chat/Email/Call)